World Energy Outlook Special Report

The sustainable recovery plan would begin the process of structurally reorienting countries’ energy sectors by accelerating the shift towards electricity and increasing the share of energy supplied by low-carbon energy sources (Figure 3.9). If all countries were to follow the proposals set out in the sustainable recovery plan:  An average of around 130 gigawatts … Read more

Top 6 trends to watch for at CES 2021

CES 2021

Trend 1: Health, wellness and workplace safety

As offices reopen around the world, and vaccinations are made available to everyone, public spaces will reopen at a greater pace. Technology vendors, even ones that have never played in this space before, are introducing products and services to help individuals and companies get back to the new normal safely, Detwiler said.

Ranger said, when it comes to healthcare and wellness, CES 2021 will be a showcase for "how companies think technology will benefit or change society."

Trend 2: Technology for blending work and personal lives

Vendors are now designing products that bridge the gap between work and personal lives. People have often used their laptops and phones and tablets for both work and personal, but now there are specific products for that market. "For a year, we've been working out of our homes, and that trend probably isn't going to go away anytime soon for a lot of people," Detwiler said.

Trend 3: 5G will become more mainstream

This is one of those trends that isn't going away anytime soon. Detwiler pointed out, "it's not going to completely replace our 4G infrastructure anytime soon, but still, 5G is one of those enterprise technologies that underpins a lot of the end points, those smart gadgets, the smart home tech, autonomous cars, telemedicine, all those technologies that are on display at CES need a way to communicate with themselves, with the cloud, and 5G, especially when combined with tech like edge computing really has the potential to provide almost real time communication and data transfer."

Trend 4: Innovations in how people interact with desktops and laptops

As the pandemic has changed how and where people are working, with many either working fully from home, or mostly from home, people are interacting with their desktops and laptops in new ways. In the past, innovation has been heavily focused on smartphones and wearables. Companies that demonstrate "innovations around making those kinds of interactions better" are showing there is still life left in laptops and PCs, Ranger said.

Trend 5: All about EVs (electric vehicles) and autonomous driving

This is the year of EVs, with Ford bringing out the new all-electric Mustang, Tesla hitting it's 500,000 goal on cars manufactured and delivered for 2020, and plenty of other car manufacturers getting on board. The International North American Auto Show was cancelled last year, and it won't occur until late June this year, so there's a lot of pent up news from the automotive industry and CES 2021 is the place to let it out, despite some top auto manufacturers not participating in the show, Maddox said.

Several auto accessory makers are debuting heads up displays and other features for consumers. John Deere is introducing an AI and robotics-powered tractor at CES, too.

Trend 6: Mobility news will dominate

Mobile World Congress is usually right around CES time, so big mobility news is saved for that event in Barcelona. Not this year. MWC was cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, and it's pushed until June 28 this year. So companies such as Samsung and Motorola are taking advantage of the timing and showcasing their new mobile devices during CES week. Samsung is even holding Samsung Unpacked, with the new Galaxy S21 phone unveiling, on Jan. 14, in the midst of CES 2021. There's also a plethora of mobility accessories and devices for consumers, Maddox said.

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Blockchain Trends 2020 – Deloitte

The global blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 39.7 billion by 2025, at an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 67.3% during 2020–2025. The increasing need for simplifying the business processes and need for supply chain management applications integrated with the blockchain technology will drive … Read more

J.P. Morgan Private Bank Outlook 2021

As the report "J.P. Morgan Private Bank Outlook 2021" mentioned :

We are optimistic about the outlook, despite the risks. But before you act on this kind of optimism, make sure you have a solid, long-range investment strategy that aligns with the goals you have for yourself and your family.

Planning holistically is the only way you can truly build and have full confidence in your portfolio as you weather whatever volatility and other surprises 2021 may bring.

We totally agree the opinion : "The global economy will heal. Embrace the optimism. ".

It's good timing to take a rest for reading and thinking for the upcoming future :

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“Strong Buy” signals alerted for these 2 video-streaming service stocks

Subtitle : Welcome to IDI Capital. Today, let’s talk about two stocks that must be purchased for video-streaming services: Disney and Roku. Like many entertainment and travel companies, Disney struggled to close many theme parks during the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has hurt Disney’s operating income by $2.4 billion. However, Disney+ is now Disney’s … Read more

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 高科技高成長 500 強企業

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 德勤高科技高成長 500 強企業排行榜,已經進行了 26 年,從此排行榜中,我們可以發現一些值得關注的投資標的。 要獲得 Deloitte 高科技高成長 500 強的認可,公司必須擁有強大的技術優勢,且年度營收至少達 500 萬美元以上。 這項排行榜選出的企業,是結合技術創新,企業家精神和快速增長,快速發展的 500 家公司,包括大型,小型,公開發行和私人公司,也跨各種產業,包括軟體,硬體,電信,半導體,生命科學和能源技術等新興領域,是很值得研究的一份排行榜。 IDI 數位投資實驗室,主要專注於投資 “具備高成長潛力之科技股” ,Deloitte 的這份 Technology Fast 500 排行榜,非常適合我們參考,事實上,有幾家公司也已經在我們的 eToro 投資組合中,例如:iRythm, Square, Cloudera, Crowdstrike…等。 有興趣的朋友,可以仔細參閱這份排行榜:  

APPLE iPhone12 王者降臨 ! 這家老牌 5G 半導體晶片公司業績大漲值得關注

5G 智慧型手機的王者降臨 在中國古老的傳統曆法中,2020 是庚子年,是一個天災人禍不斷的年份。COVID-19 新冠肺炎病毒攪得天下大亂,正好印證了這個古老的預言。 不過,天災人禍頻傳之外,世界總還是有希望之光存在的,例如: 5G 時代即將在 2020 正式來臨了。 根據研究公司 Canalys 的報告,5G 手機出貨量將由 2019 年的 1,650萬部,爆量增長 1,582%,達到 2.78 億支。其中 62% 在大中華地區,預計 2021年 將超過 13 億部! Source : Canalys 13 億?那可不是一個小數目,全世界都將因此而改變。 雖然現在已有 Samsung, Sony, OPPO…等幾款支援 5G 的智慧型手機已經發表,不過到目前為止都還不成氣候。 而 APPLE 將於 2020/10/13 (台北/馬來西亞/新加坡是 10/14 上午) 舉行的線上發表會,是全球果粉們引領期盼許久的 iPhone 12 即將公開亮相的重要盛典。 全世界都在屏息以待,等著仔細欣賞 APPLE 這場以 “Hi ! Speed” 為諧音 … Read more